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The KWM-2 / KWM-2A Schematics shipping soon!

We have some exciting news. After some long nights, we have finally put together the Collins KWM-2 / KWM-2A Big Schematic diagrams! There are 2 versions, the standard version and the fully annotated Color versions. As you might know, this is one of the most complex S-Line schematics ever produced by Collins and it is very tough to follow. We have placed all 4 sections on a single sheet making reading much more reasonable. Our full color version carefully outlines all of the critical signal paths to make reading and following signal paths for troubleshooting much easier.

Take a look at the images on our home page to see a sample of the full color version of the KWM-2 / KWM-2A model.

Soon, we will be introducing a 48″ wide fully color annotated and laminated diagram that allows you to use an expo marker or grease pencil to mark-up and erase your comments.

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